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Vitasavoury | Disease Related Malnutrition


Vitasavoury is a range of powdered, low volume, high energy, and savoury oral nutritional supplements available in Chicken and Golden Vegetable flavours. Vitasavoury provides 300kcals and 6g of protein in a 50g sachet when made up with 100ml of warm water (final volume 150ml) and is an ideal alternative savoury option.

Vitasavoury is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.

Download the Vitasavoury datacard

key features
  • Energy dense at 2kcal/ml
  • Low volume, ideal for those patients with a small appetite or on a fluid restriction
  • Available in 50g pre-measured sachets
  • Can be made up with whole milk to increase energy and protein intake


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