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Preload | Enhanced Recovery after Surgery


Preload™ is a powdered, neutral-tasting carbohydrate loading drink mix for the pre-operative dietary management of patients undergoing surgery.

Preload is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.

Download the Preload datacard

The benefits of pre-operative carbohydrate loading include
  • Preventing the body from entering a fasted state prior to surgery1
  • Contributes towards patient comfort and reduces thirst1,2
  • Helps reduce length of hospital stay3
1. Ljungqvist L & Soreide E (2003) Preoperative fasting. British Journal of Surgery; 90: 400-406.
2. Hausel J, Nygren J, Lagerkranser M, Hellstrom P, Hammarqvist F, Almstrom C, Lindh A, Throell A, Ljungqvist O (2001) A carbohydrate rich drink reduces preoperative discomfort in elective surgery patients. Anesth Analg; 93:1344-50.
3. Noblett S, Watson D, Huong H, Davidson B, Hainsworth P, Horgan A (2006) Pre-operative oral carbohydrate loading in colorectal surgery: a randomized controlled trial. Colorectal Disease; 8: 563-9.
Key features
  • Available in a powdered format, eliminating any potential confusion with sip feeds.
  • Available in 2 pack sizes:
  • 3 x 50g sachet “patient home pack” which is easy for patients to carry or can be posted out to patients.
  • 90 x 50g sachet “hospital pack”
  • Palatable:No issues with palatability reported in a clinical trial conducted with preload3.
  • Has a long shelf life; 24 months (unopened)

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