Glucodrate™ is a tropical flavoured, powdered blend of carbohydrate which is high in sodium and low in other electrolytes for use in the dietary management of short bowel-associated intestinal failure and intestinal insufficiency in adults.

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Glucodrate is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.

Precautions: Monitor electrolytes and bicarbonate levels when initiating this product.

Glucodrate is:
  • Specifically designed for patients with short bowel-associated intestinal failure and intestinal insufficiency.
  • Developed in conjunction with specialists at St Marks Hospital, London, UK.
  • Provides 120mmol of sodium per 1,000ml of reconstituted drink which is designed to lead to an improved sodium absorption compared to a glucose drink containing 90mmol of sodium per 1,000ml.1
  • Palatable - no additional flavourings needed (additional flavourings can affect sodium concentration, osmolality and thus the effectiveness of the drink).
  • Presented in a convenient, ready measured sachet which is easy to use.
  • Pre-measured sachet helps eliminate weighing errors.
  • Consistent concentration of final drink achieved every time.
  • 30 sachets in each box equals 1 months’ supply. This enables patients to easily keep track of how much product they have used and may help to minimise product wastage.
1. Nightingale, J. M., J. E. Lennard-Jones, E. R. Walker and M. J. Farthing (1990). "Jejunal efflux in short bowel syndrome." Lancet 336(8718): 765-76

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