SpoonfulOneis a non-prescribable product and will be available to order from January next year. Register for your free Mix-In sample on the form below and you will be notified via email when the sampling is live in January 2021.


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Step 1: If you are a registered HCP and want to find out more information on SpoonfulOne™ please sign in or register for the N+ Education hub here

Step 2: Once registered or logged in to the N+ Education hub, please click here for our dedicated SpoonfulOne™ landing page where you can learn more about SpoonfulOne™


^Important Note: Do not give SpoonfulOne to a baby with a known food allergy to any of the ingredients. It is recommended to give SpoonfulOne together with the introduction of complementary feeding from 6+ months of age. Customers must consult a healthcare professional if they have concerns about introducing SpoonfulOne, or if their baby has eczema. In case of any allergic reaction to the product, stop SpoonfulOne and seek medical assistance without delay.