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Nestlé Health Science celebrates Nutrition & Hydration Week

Nestlé Health Science proudly sponsored Nutrition & Hydration Week (13th – 19th March 2017) and held events throughout the week to promote and demonstrate the dysphagia team’s commitment to supporting improvements in nutrition and hydration.

Dysphagia, a chronic swallowing disorder, manifests as a neurological or physical impairment of the muscles used in chewing and swallowing, and is often caused by an underlying condition such as head injury, Alzheimer’s, head and neck cancer or stroke. As a result of dysphagia, food and drink can enter the lungs instead of the stomach, causing problems ranging from serious chest infections to pneumonia. 1

For Nutrition & Hydration Week, the Nestlé Health Science dysphagia team created a range of recipe posters to inspire their care home, hospital and speech and language therapist partners to get involved with each of the themed days. From porridge with apple compote for Big Breakfast Monday to black forest gateau for the Global Tea Party on Wednesday, the posters provided simple ‘how to’ advice on using Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear in food and drink.

The highlight of the week was a live ‘Texture Modification’ webinar providing tips and tricks from dysphagia chef Gary Brailsford, and featuring Caroline Hill, Medical Affairs Dietitian for Nestlé Health Science and special guest Sophie Murray, Head of Nutrition and Hydration at Sunrise Senior Living, demonstrating how to use food and drink thickener and prepare safe texture modified food to make every day meals safe and tasty for those with dysphagia.

This webinar is now available as an educational film addressing how to use a thickener to re-introduce individuals with dysphagia to familiar favourites from birthday cake to vegetables. Gary, Nestlé Health Science dysphagia chef, provides inventive yet quick and easy to follow advice on consistency and presentation to ensure those with dysphagia can enjoy eating and drinking, whilst also getting the nutrition they need to reduce the risk of malnourishment. The film is available here here

Finally, throughout Nutrition & Hydration Week, the Nestlé Health Science dysphagia team supported hospitals and care homes who had set up awareness stalls by organising tasty thickened mocktails and providing prizes such as hydration hampers.

Caroline Hill commented, ‘We really understand the value of Nutrition & Hydration Week as it provides the perfect opportunity to work with our key partners, having fun, all whilst raising awareness of dysphagia.

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