Neurological Disorders | Nutrition Support In Focus

Our nutrition support in focus has been developed by both dietitians practicing in the fields of neurology and nutrition support, and the team at Nestlé Health Science.
Written by dietitians, for dietitians of all levels of experience, we hope it will provide valuable opportunity for learning and reflection.

This resource was kindly reviewed by the BDA Neurosciences Specialist Group.

The diagnosis of a neurological disorder may have significant implications for an individual’s nutritional status. From dysphagia, to depression, to uncontrollable tremors, many barriers to achieving good nutrition may be encountered. Dietitians have a crucial role in helping to optimise nutritional care for each patient according to their individual needs. In this resource, the role of nutrition support in several neurological disorders is discussed. The ethical, social and emotional factors linked to artificial nutrition support are also considered. Key questions will be addressed, including:

  • How can patients and their families be supported in their decision to commence enteral feeding?
  • How can disease-related symptoms be managed to optimise nutritional intake?
  • How do we manage complications of nutrition support, such as undesirable weight gain in immobile patients?

As illustrated in the individual chapters, dietitians are uniquely placed to manage the complex nutritional issues faced by individuals living with neurological disorders.

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