We believe breast milk is the best food for infants. When in consultation with their healthcare professional, mothers and families find that optimal breastfeeding is not possible due to their infant’s medical condition, formulas for special medical purposes play a vital role in providing essential nutrients to infants. We have a global commitment to market breast-milk substitutes responsibly.

This website is about the management of cows’ milk protein allergy and nutritional solutions intended for infants. By continuing on this website, you accept that Nestlé Health Science supplies the information at your own request.

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Weaning is the process of switching an infant from breast milk or formula only diet, to one where solid food is introduced.

It can be an exciting time for parents and baby, but this journey can also be challenging, particularly when an infant has cows’ milk allergy, so support is often needed.

Our guidebook is here to help! It was developed by leading dieticians and parents, and provides a step-by-step guide to weaning a child with cows' milk allergy who is using Althéra® or Alfamino®.

It has a selection of exciting baby weaning recipes to enhance the weaning journey.

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