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Active Nutrition With Meritene


If you’re caring for a loved one who is feeling a bit under the weather or recovering from illness, help is at hand. Meritene’s shakes and soups are an easy-to-use- range of nutritional supplements and a tasty way to help get your loved ones feeling ship shape again. Designed to complement an existing diet they release energy and reduce tiredness, while supporting muscles and bones.

Meritene’s nutritional supplements are enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals designed to combat fatigue and help maintain muscles and bones.

Don’t just take our word for it – 9/10 people would recommend Meritene shakes to friends or family and 94% of people like the taste of Meritene shakes.

Try a free Meritene Strength & Vitality sample and help to get those you care about back on their feet again!

Meritene Strength & Vitality provides

16 grams of
B2, B6, D, C & E
Buy now *Protein is based upon Meritene strength and vitality shake made with semi skimmed milk

Nadia Sawalha Recipes

Nadia Sawalha has devised a variety of recipes that can be enhanced by adding Meritene’s dietary supplements. From curries to smoothies, Meritene’s unique blend of nutrients helps provide an appetising bonus to a number of tasty treats.