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OPTIJOURNEY programme is designed to support those with a weight-related medical condition and who seek to achieve the health benefits of weight loss. The programme is comprised of 3 phases; weight loss, reintroduction to food and healthy lifestyle maintenance. In phase 1 all meals will be replaced with nutritionally complete OPTIFAST®, total diet replacement products.

Enable your Fitbit or Apple HealthKit integration to simplify weight, exercise, water intake and sleep tracking or track within the app.

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Welcome to the OptiJourney app. Take back control of your health.

Weight Management

Introducing our new Type 2 Diabetes weight management programme.

Meal Planning

Personalised meal plans to help you organise and plan ahead.

Your Goals

Set the goals that you are motivated towards within the programme.

Coaching Support

Medically supervised coaching support within the app to help you at every step of your journey.

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