The Optifast® range gives you a wide selection of tasty meals as part of a total diet replacement, so you get all your essential nutrients for the day, whilst precisely managing your calorie intake.

Developed specifically for medically-supervised weight loss, you’ll be able to find the right thing to suit your personal preferences at different times of the day and week. So you don’t have a single meal to worry about.


Optifast® Starter Pack

The Optifast® Starter Pack has everything you need to get going on your journey. As well as your first three days of Optifast meals, you’ll also have a handy guide to the entire programme, with inspiration and reminders tailored to each phase.

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Optifast® Shakes

Optifast® shakes are effortless to prepare and a great tasting way to get the nutrients you need. Each one is high in protein and a good source of fibre, as well as being easy to drink on the move.

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Optifast® Soups

Optifast® soups offer a hot alternative to shakes that’s ideal for lunch or dinnertimes. Each has been developed to provide a complete meal replacement as part of a total diet replacement, helping your body adapt to the weight-loss without missing out on the vitamins and minerals it needs.

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Optifast® Bars

We’ve crammed a lot into our Optifast® Bars, so you can refuel on the move and carry on with your day. Each Optifast® Bar is high in protein and fibre.

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