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How the OptiJourney programme works

Why Choose OptiJourney™?

OptiJourney programme is broken into three easy to follow phases – Weight loss, Reintroduction to food and Healthy lifestyle maintenance. Each has its own challenges, and its own tailored support. The weight loss phase will involve you replacing all your daily meals with our Total Diet Replacement products OPTIFAST® No additional food will be allowed during this phase and you will only be allowed to drink water of calorie-free fluids, such as tea and coffee with no milk or sugar.

Phase One: Weight loss

This phase can be quite challenging. You’ll need to adjust to a complete change in your diet, lifestyle and routines. The good news is that we take away the complexity and temptation of traditional dieting by giving you all your daily meals. By having a range of simple, nutritionally complete products to choose from, you don’t have to plan a single meal for eight weeks. You will be required to take four Optifast products per day including a maximum of one Optifast bar.

An important part of this phase is checking-in at your local pharmacy every two weeks so we can monitor your progress, and check your weight and blood pressure. These are really important steps to take as part of your plan, and a great opportunity to ask questions and feel good about your progress, so please don’t forget to come.

Throughout Phase One you’ll receive lots of guidance and support through the app. The app is an integral part of this programme and you need to engage with it as you go. If you don’t your account will be suspended and you won’t be able to continue with the programme.

Phase Two: Reintroduction to food

After Phase One, you will gradually reduce Optifast and slowly reintroduce food based on a personalised meal plan. Through a phone call with an OptiJourney Dietitian and continued support from the OptiJourney Coaches in the app, you will have support to bring back food into your diet. You will learn techniques to make the best food choices, explore healthy recipe ideas, and learn dietary advice tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Phase Three: Healthy lifestyle maintenance

You should now have hit all your personal health goals, and have the confidence and knowledge to keep going. But if you ever do need an extra bit of help, you will have access to the OptiJourney website where all your favourite recipes, tips and helpful advice will be available.