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At Nestlé Health Science we are forging a new path for nutrition.

We’re advancing the role of nutritional therapy to address health problems and improve health outcomes for consumers and patients. We’re developing nutritional solutions with a purpose; Adding quality and hope to the lives of tens of millions of people.

Make you career part of a journey that changes the course of health.

Nestlé Health Science delivers more than
products every year

We are active in 9 core health areas:

  • Gastro-intestinal
  • Ageing
  • Critical Care / Surgery
  • Brain Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Chronic Medical Conditions / Oncology
  • Obesity
  • Food Allergy
  • Metabolic Diseases
More than
3000 people from 57 different nationalities help change the course everyday across the world!

"We have top notch teams with high level of diversity (gender, culture, age, thinking, background) and capabilities in science spreading from Boston, to San Diego, New Jersey, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Switzerland, etc. all focusing on making a significant impact/change in health science"
Frank - CEO of Pamlab – USA
Frank - CEO of Pamlab – USA
"NHSc-Pamlab created a unique channel through a mail order pharmacy, called Brand Direct Health, to engage patients 1:1 and create a relationship that can positively impact their medical journey. It goes beyond merely putting prescription medical food in the patients’ hands; it provides education, financial and emotional support, from nurses and pharmacists, that’s personal and relevant to patients and their needs"
Marco - Regional Business Head - LATAM
Marco - Regional Business Head - LATAM
"Many of our marketing and sales forces are dieticians and passionate about the difference nutrition can make in people's lives. We celebrate each new product and achievement."
Rodrigo - Global Marketing Manager - Healthy Growing/Gut Health
Rodrigo - Global Marketing Manager - Healthy Growing/Gut Health
"We work in a very dynamic company that is frequently evolving and requiring new competencies, which allows/opens different opportunities: Consumer Care, CCSD, Pharma/drug/NTN, market access, geographic expansion."
Chantal - Head of Pediatric Category - SWITZERLAND
Chantal - Head of Pediatric Category - SWITZERLAND
"Our team is passionate about changing the course of Food Allergy management!<br>
By leveraging insights and Nestlé Health Science’s expertise, we have developed a pipeline of new solutions. This will contribute to earlier diagnosis of cow’s milk protein allergy and the best choice of nutritional therapies for each allergic child. The ultimate goal being to restore the joy of life for the whole family!"


Be Bold

With a “can do” attitude, we continually test and learn in order to challenge the status quo and the way people view nutritional therapies in health management.

Be Collaborative

Being open to fresh ideas and leveraging the diversity of backgrounds and experiences, we work together constructively and act with integrity.

Be simple and focused

With a lean and nimble mindset, we deliver against clear, actionable and measurable priorities that focus on what matters to the consumer and the patient.

Our People

Our people have an attitude and a mindset that drives them to explore new territory and break new ground in areas such as GI, Critical Care / Surgery, Oncology, Healthy Ageing, Food Allergy, Obesity, Brain Health, and Pediatrics. They are changing the way doctors think about meeting the nutritional needs of patients and the way patients and consumers manage their own health.

At Nestlé Health Science, you will have the opportunity to advance your career and:

  • Join the first in a new class of health-science companies on a mission that is already changing the course of health
  • Be part of the powerful combination that is nutrition and pharma
  • Build something new and transformational by helping change the way people view nutrition

Working For Nestle Health Science