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case studies & clinical summaries

View our range of case studies written by healthcare professionals specifically focused on adult nutrition. These include cases about patients who require enteral feeds but face complications such as feeding intolerance's or other health conditions, where nutritional requirements were not met.

Case studies and our supporting clinical evidence may help you to better understand the management of enteral feed intolerance.

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Peptamen: Committed to evidence based nutrition
PEPTAMEN® is the only family of peptide-based formulas supported by over 25 years of clinical experience and more than 50 published studies. Here is just some of the evidence in support of PEPTAMEN® formulas.

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Managing feeding intolerance in a patient with traumatic brain injury

Beth Jenkins Critical Care Dietitian
University of Southampton Hospitals NHS Trust

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Enteral feeding, transition from paediatrics to adult services

Natalie Mohamdee, Paediatric Dietitian, North Tyneside General Hospital

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Use of peptide feeds to treat gastric complications in Mitochondrial Disease

Paula Hynd, Senior Dietitian,
Guisborough Primary Care Hospital

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The use of a whey-based peptide feed in a Cerebral Palsy (CP) patient with complex physical needs

Clare Reid BSc (Hons), Specialist Dietitian, Learning Disability Team, Kirklands Hospital

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