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Sample Request Service Policy

This sample request service is provided by Vitaflo (International) Limited (Vitaflo) in conjunction with its logistics provider, Alcura UK Limited (Alcura).  Healthcare professionals may use this sample request service to obtain limited numbers of samples of Vitaflo’s nutrition support and low protein products for the patients in their care.

Vitaflo will supply the samples directly to the patient or (where the patient is under 13) the patient’s parent or guardian. By providing the patients’ name, address, date of birth and other information, and by ticking the box to acknowledge that you have read this advice, you confirm that you have obtained the patient’s consent (or the permission of the patient’s parent/guardian where relevant) to share the patient’s personal data with Vitaflo for the purpose of supplying product sample(s) to the patient. Vitaflo will carry out the following processing activities in relation to the personal data shared by you:

  • processing the patient’s personal data in order to verify the sample request.
  • sharing the personal data with Alcura so that the sample(s) may be delivered to the patient’s chosen address.
  • analysing the personal data for the purpose of improving Vitaflo’s sample service.
  • sharing the data with other third parties who are involved in providing the service where this is required in order to ensure that the patient receives the samples.

Both Vitaflo and Alcura will permanently delete or anonymise any patient personal data received in connection with the sample request as soon as it is no longer required for the above purposes. Further information about how Vitaflo and Alcura process personal data can be found in their respective privacy policies, accessible at:

Vitaflo: Privacy Policy

Alcura: Privacy Policy