Enhancing Lives Together


Enhancing Lives Together

For over 25 years, Vitaflo® has been at the forefront of developing innovative specialised clinical nutrition products for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM), nutrition support and disease specific conditions such as renal disease.

Comidamed and Mevalia Update from Vitaflo

Vitaflo acquired the Comidamed and Mevalia brands in 2021 as part of our commitment to enhance the lives of people with inborn errors of metabolism (IEM), wherever they are in the world. We have worked hard to integrate these brands into our Vitaflo family, despite very challenging global economic conditions, with our primary objective delivering consistent and reliable supply of high-quality products for your patients in the long term.

Our Latest Innovations...

A range of powdered protein substitutes available in tins, suitable from birth for 8 different IEMs.
The only ready to use feed specifically designed for children aged 3 years onwards with kidney disease.
PKU Explore
Easily mixed with water to form a semi-solid consistency. Explore is given off the spoon keeping parents in control.
PKU Start
A powdered formula for the dietary management of PKU from birth.
PKU Sphere
GMP-based, low phe, pre-measured powder for enhanced palatability that encourages adherence.
A unique, ready to eat, palatable semi-solid food for use in the ketogenic diet
The lowest calorie ready-to-drink protein substitute for PKU designed to support weight management.
PKU Cooler
Ready-to-drink, to be introduced to young children. Available in 3 different pack sizes it’s designed to grow with them into adulthood.
A modified cornstarch for use in the dietary management of Hepatic GSD, suitable from 2 years of age.

We also supply products for...