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Our ongoing efforts to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging mean that here at Vitaflo, we are always on the lookout for inspiration and similar initiatives elsewhere.

Many of us are probably a little TOO familiar with the plastic containers used to get takeaway food to us in one piece. Happily, many of us also keep and reuse these, but there is no ignoring the huge amount of plastic generated by this sector, or how much of this simply ends up in the bin and not recycled.

September saw food giant Just Eat tackle the problem head on with a trial of reusable packaging for its London-based customers. For three months, customers can opt to receive their food in reusable packaging when placing an order and Just Eat’s partners CLUBZERO sort the rest, with diners using their app to arrange collection or to drop off their used containers.

Just Eat has taken other steps, including removing single use plastic cutlery from deliveries and trialling condiment sachets made of compostable seaweed.

But what has the Friday night takeaway got to do with us?

At Vitaflo, we are also striving to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging our own products and have taken similar steps. We have removed straws and medicine cups from our Prozero and Procal shot products respectively and the plastic bubble wrap we used to send products to customers has been replaced by recyclable shredded cardboard.

We are continually seeking new and innovative ways to achieve our goal of 100% reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025.

For the latest news on the changes we have made so far and the positive impact these have had, see our latest sustainability news.

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