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Our cup run came to an end...

Vitaflo have removed all plastic medicine cups from our Procal shot packs.

Plastic medicine cups were included in every, single Procal shot pack, but we realised that many people would simply reuse one cup and that we were generating unnecessary plastic waste.

So, since March 2020, we now include just one medicine cup in our Procal Starter pack and ask people to reuse them.

Each year, this has removed 225,000 plastic cups from the packaging process, which otherwise may have gone to landfill, or found their way into the natural environment. This equates to a saving each year of around 1350kg of plastic that will now not be required.

This simple step is only part of our wider efforts to shape a waste-free future and to reduce the amount of plastic on our planet.

Our commitment at Vitaflo, is to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

Making a difference. Together.