Pro-Cal shot | Oral Nutrition Supplement

Pro-Cal shot® | Oral nutrition supplement

Pro‐Cal shot is a low volume, energy‐dense liquid oral nutrition supplement, available in neutral, strawberry and banana flavours, providing protein, fat and carbohydrate. With 30ml providing 100kcal & 2g of protein, it is an ideal choice to get a quick boost of calories and protein. 

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Pro‐Cal shot is suitable from 3 years of age and for a wide number of conditions.

Pro‐Cal shot is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.

key features of Pro-Cal shot

  • Energy dense at 3.3kcal/ml it provides 400kcals in a 120ml bottle
  • Low volume, ideal for those patients with a small appetite or on fluid restriction
  • Provides a typical daily dose of 4 x 30ml per 120ml bottle
  • Can be taken as a shot or added to food and drinks
  • No added micronutrients so can be used alongside other ONS/ normal diet
  • Can be frozen, ideal for those patients who may have a sore mouth


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Case studies using oral nutrition supplements

Improvements in nutritional outcomes associated with a low volume, high energy, and protein supplement in free living older persons

Prof. Honohan C , Dunlevy F , Healy LA of the Clinical Nutrition Department and Prof. Robinson D of Medicine for the Elderly Dictorate, St James’s Hospital, Dublin.

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