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Optifast® Partners With NHS


Optifast®, from Nestlé Health Science, and partner Oviva have been chosen to pilot one of the models for the NHS England Low Calorie Diet Programme. Announced last week, the pilot will be offered to 5,000 people with type 2 diabetes across England.

The NHS programme is based on two studies which showed as a result of the diet. people living with type 2 diabetes who are overweight could improve the control of the disease and reduce their medication.

Optifast and Oviva will be piloting the programme, combining a very low calorie diet before moving to a regular diet with one to one coaching with a diabetes specialist dietitian. The initial part of the programme involves participants following an Optifast only diet for up to 12 weeks.

Optifast is a nutritionally complete and balanced, scientifically designed low calorie product recommended to manage weight loss. The product range includes shakes, soups and bars all suitable for total diet replacement or as a meal replacement.

Oviva is a leading UK provider of digital behaviour change programmes for obesity and type 2 diabetes support and prevention.

Kate Robinson, Head of Marketing at Nestlé Health Science comments;
“It’s an enormous privilege to join Oviva in supporting the NHS to address one of the nation’s most significant health crises. Our model is built on the foundation of clinical trial data and personal support via a user-friendly app, and we believe it can be truly transformational.”

Lucy Diamond, Head of Clinical at Oviva said:
“It is extremely exciting that Oviva are part of this programme. Having personally supported individuals with type 2 diabetes through low calorie diets, it truly can be a life-changing experience. Seeing the phenomenal impact it can have on people's lives and future health, we are honoured to be part of this journey and look forward to sharing the results.

“The launch of this pilot will hopefully lead to wider access to such programmes, and the availability of our digital option means people can receive fully remote one-to-one personalised care, to further reduce health inequalities.”

Oviva’s programme supports people to make sustainable changes to their health and lifestyle through one-to-one personalised coaching and their unique digital tools; an NHS approved app and online learning portal boasting an evidence-based curriculum developed by clinical experts. The programme uses the latest evidence on behaviour change to support people in making long-term changes to improve their health.

The programme will be available free of charge to all participating patients which will include all their Optifast as well as all the help and advice they need throughout.

They can expect to improve their diet and activity levels, improve their blood glucose and overall reduce their risk of diabetes complications.

For more information visit: https://www.england.nhs.uk/2020/09/thousands-to-benefit-from-soups-and-shakes-diet-on-the-nhs-from-today/


About Optifast

Optifast is a total diet replacement product from Nestle Health Science.

Developed by scientists, widely researched, Optifast has over 40 years’ experience across the globe and over 120 publications and clinical studies proving its efficacy and safety.

About Oviva:

Oviva is a digital behaviour change provider. Oviva’s team of specialist healthcare professionals combined with their unique digital tools support patients to improve their health and better self-manage their conditions. Oviva’s technology strengthens relationships between patients and dietitians to help them achieve their health goals whilst lowering service delivery costs. Oviva provides services to over 80 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, supporting thousands of patients to improve their health without the need to attend face-to-face appointments.