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Man suffering with Dysphagia discussing options with Health care practitioner

An innovative thickening agent to help manage dysphagia​

The Resource® range provides options for patients with dysphagia and swallowing difficulties

Something interfering with swallowing is an uncomfortable feeling to live with every day. Whether it’s a throat blockage, or a problem with the swallowing process, dysphagia is a common condition with the potential to create future health problems.

Dysphagia impacts many people of different ages

While more common in babies and the elderly, dysphagia can affect people of all ages. Many people with the condition are slow to seek help and don’t receive medical treatment. Adequate nutrition is a priority and a concern as people will eat and drink less.

The Resource® range provides a number of options and features to help manage swallowing difficulties:

  • Rapidly thickens foods and liquids
  • Once prepared, liquids containing Resource® ThickenUp® Clear remain clear and lump free
  • Resource® ThickenUp® Clear does not change taste or smell of liquid and food