Using Compleat® Paediatric as part of a blenderised diet

Using Compleat® paediatric as an ingredient in blended home-cooked meals can help to make meal planning easier. Compleat® paediatric is nutritionally complete in terms of adequate calories, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins, which can help make sure a child gets the nutrients they need.


Our professional chef has worked with dietitians over the years to develop easy to prepare blenderised recipes using Compleat® paediatric as a base. A range of meals and snacks have been adapted to pass easily through a feeding tube (size 14 Fr). The recipes can be used to add variety as part of a healthy and balanced diet for children. 


 'Always consult your dietitian or healthcare professional before starting any homemade blended diets and before you follow these recipes.' 

Please note the images of food are for illustration purposes only and are not all found in Compleat® paediatric.

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We are excited to launch 9 NEW recipes using Compleat Paediatric® as a base, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Let's see what our chef has to say about them...

GARY STILLS Hi Everyone,  

I am Chef Gary Brailsford, and I am excited to share with you NEW, delicious recipes developed by expert dietitians with your needs in mind. 

Are you new to blended diets and would like to try some tried and tested recipes to get started? Or perhaps you are seeking some recipes using Compleat paediatric as a base to provide a known nutritional value and reduce the amount of work that goes into preparing blends. If so, why not give these a try?

Our expert dietitians worked to develop recipes to help meet your nutrient requirements. From super speedy recipes ready in 15 minutes to those where you have a bit more time to spare, they have been designed to accommodate varied needs.

What’s more, before adding Compleat® paediatric, the recipes are suitable for the whole family, meaning that you can enjoy them with your loved ones by the table.

Let’s start cooking…

Recipe cards

There are nine individual recipe cards for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each card shows the ingredients needed, how much Compleat® paediatric to use and step-by-step instructions on how to blend the recipe. The nutritional value for each recipe is also shown.


Parents & Carers– Compleat® paediatric is a food for special medical purposes for use under medical supervision.
Always consult your dietitian or healthcare professional before starting any homemade blended diets and before you follow these recipes.


Please ensure only these approved recipes are followed when using Compleat® paediatric


The recipes were only tested using Compleat® paediatric. Enteral UK recommends the use of UK 14 Fr feeding tubes (or larger tubes) with the Compleat® paediatric blenderised recipes.



Our chef, Gary Brailsford, stars in short how-to video clips showing how to blend each recipe. 



Our chef, Gary Brailsford, stars in short how-to video clips showing how to blend each recipe.


Please note these videos were recorded during lockdown by Gary himself, and he references 'Isosource Junior Mix' which is the former product name of Compleat® paediatric. The recipe and nutritional profile of the product did not change, so Compleat® paediatric can substitute Isosource Junior Mix like for like. Please refer to the recipe cards linked above for the full recipes.


Blending times may vary depending on the type of blender being used. Please ensure the feed is a smooth consistency and always check to see if sieving is required.

Sweet Day Ahead Breakfast

Tasty Chickpea Lunch

Super Salmon Dinner

Pink Parfait Snack

Birthday Cake

Turkey Time Lunch

Blue-Nana Sunrise Breakfast

A support guide for blenderised tube feeding with Compleat® paediatric can be viewed below. This guide supports parents who have been recommended Compleat® paediatric and wish to include it as part of a blenderised diet for their child. There is also a support guide for dietitians for you to help parents start blenderised tube feeding.


Food for special medical purposes. Compleat® paediatric is an enteral tube feed for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of malnutrition. Important notice: Use under medical supervision. Suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. Suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition.