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Optifast | Low Calorie Meal

Weight management in Type 2 diabetes​

The Optifast® range is a nutritionally complete, low-calorie meal replacement, developed specifically for medically supervised weight loss.

Reducing weight in type 2 diabetes can improve insulin sensitivity1 and healthy eating makes blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol all easier to manage. However, a restricted calorie diet can be tough to sustain long-term and patients need our encouragement if they are going to succeed.

Keeping calorie control simple and safe

Following a structured weight-loss plan helps ensure safe weight reduction,2 and making calorie counting easy can help patients to stay motivated. Optifast® is designed to support the dietary management of type 2 diabetes within a structured weight loss plan:

  • Delicious range of shakes and soups
  • Nutritionally complete
  • 208 kcal per serving

Optifast® is also indicated for weight management in patients who are scheduled to undergo bariatric surgery.

Optifast Range
A range of nutritionally complete shakes, bars and soup, clinically proven to help manage weight loss.


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