The Optifast® range provides a selection of tasty meals that have been developed specifically for medically supervised weight loss. Each product can be used as a Meal Replacement, or for Total Diet Replacement, depending on the desired outcomes. 

Total Diet Replacement  
By taking four Optifast products per day and using these to replace all daily meals, the calorie intake would be reduced to approximately 800 kcal per day. The products have been designed to ensure all essential nutrient levels for the day are met. A Total Diet Replacement may be a useful strategy if significant weight loss is appropriate.  


Meal Replacements 
Replacing one or two daily meals with an Optifast product can help maintain weight and help control calorie intake. Meal Replacements should be used if weight management or weight loss is the main goal.  


Optifast Shakes 
Optifast® shakes are easy to prepare and a great tasting way to get the nutrients you need.  Each one is high in protein and a good source of fibre, as well as being easy to drink on-the-move. 


Optifast Soups
Optifast®  soups offer a hot alternative to shakes that are ideal for lunch or dinner times. They can be used to replace individual meals, or as part of a total diet replacement (four Optifast portions per day), helping your body adapt to lower energy intake without missing out on the vitamins and minerals it needs. 


Optifast Meal Bars
Each Optifast® Bar is high in protein and fibre and is a handy way for you to eat on-the-move and carry on with your day. 



A range of nutritionally complete shakes, bars and soup, clinically proven to help manage weight loss.