Peptamen® Junior and Peptamen®

Peptamen® Junior and Peptamen® Evidence-based feeding solutions for patients with special nutritional requirements

At Nestlé Health Science, we aim to transform how healthcare professionals and the NHS manage specialised nutrition, to enhance patients’ quality of life.

The Peptamen® family of semi-elemental formulas offer complete nutritional support to help promote feeding tolerance for the dietary management of patients with compromised or impaired gastrointestinal function. Clinical manifestations of enteral feeding intolerance could include:*

  • Nausea1
  • Vomiting or regurgitation1–3
  • Diarrhoea2,3
  • Abdominal pain1
  • Abdominal distension1–3
  • High gastric residual volumes1–3

Our Peptamen® range of specialised enteral nutrition solutions is supported by clinical evidence and is designed to provide patients with carefully formulated and reliably manufactured products.



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Footnotes and abbreviations:
*There is currently no consensus definition of ‘feeding intolerance’.1,3