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Optifibre - Soluble Fibre

What is Optifibre?

OptiFibre® is a powdered soluble dietary fibre that mixes easily in hot and cold liquids and foods without affecting texture or taste and can be successfully administered via a PEG tube. It is a nutritionally incomplete Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. For the dietary management of patients with intestinal transit disorders.

Suggested administration and dosage

Suggested administration and dosage+

This product is for oral consumption or via PEG.

Add 1 level scoop (~ = 5 g OptiFibre® ~ = 4.3g soluble fibre) to 200ml of liquid or 150g of food. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved.

The addition of OptiFibre® to the diet should be gradually increased to suit individual requirements. 5-25g of the product is recommended per day, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. For children from 3 to 10 years of age the fibre requirement is calculated by adding 5 to 10g to the child’s age, e.g. 5 years + (5 to 10g) = 10 to 15g fibre per day.1

1 serving = 1 scoop (contained in 250g canister) or 1 sachet. 1 scoop provides 4.3g of soluble fibre.


Day 1 to Day 3

Add 1 scoop/sachet to tea, coffee, cold fluids or foods.


Day 4 to Day 6

Increase to 2 scoops/sachets staggered throughout the day. Patients who are being switched from another fibre supplement should reduce this to 50% of their current dosage. If a mixture of laxatives+ is being used, reduce both by half; do not stop one completely.


Day 7 to Day 9

Increase to 3 scoops/sachets staggered throughout the day.

Patients who are being switched from another fibre supplement or laxatives+ should discontinue these products.


Day 10 to Day 12

Increase to 4 scoops/sachets per day staggered throughout the day.


Day 13 to Day 20

If more fibre is required, increase the intake of OptiFibre® at a dose of 1-2 scoops/sachets every 3 days without exceeding 35g fibre per day (8 scoops/sachets).

Stagger the servings throughout the day.

Guidelines for the use of OptiFibre® via a PEG*

  • Add 1 scoop or 1 sachet to 200ml of water**. Mix until the powder has dissolved. Adminster the liquid mixture via the PEG as directed by the healthcare professional.
  • When the OptiFibre® is administered via a PEG, it is important to flush the feeding tube before and after the addition of the liquid mixture containing OptiFibre®.


NB: If on a fluid restriction, it is possible to add 1 scoop or 1 sachet of OptiFibre® to less liquid. The minimum amount of liquid is 100ml.

+ According to clinical discretion

* Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy.

** If the liquid mixture is to be administered as a bolus via an enteral feeding syringe, fresh tap water can be used to mix the OptiFibre®. However, if the patient is immunosuppressed, boiled, cooled tap water should be used instead


Nutritional information


Optifibre nutrition information

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Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum (this is a low viscous galactomannan, which has been produced by controlled partial enzymatic hydrolysis). Gluten free. Lactose free.

Tin: may contain milk


Suitable for short bowel syndrome, intractable malabsorption, pre-operative preparation of patients who are undernourished, patients with proven inflammatory bowel disease, following total gastectomy, bowel fistulae, disease related malnutrition.

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