A Very Common Condition

Dysphagia affects around 14% of the population over 50 years of age.1 It is vital that patients with dysphagia receive sufficient nutrition safely – before dehydration or malnutrition become problems.

Thickened food and drinks are crucial to success. We have developed a range of materials designed to support healthcare professionals with the management of dysphagia. The suite of materials below includes information on the IDDSI framework and can be used both in practice and to help towards CPD portfolios.

Odynophagia: pain when swallowing

Dysphagia can be accompanied with pain. However, odynophagia is often a condition in its own right. Pain when drinking or eating may be felt in the mouth, throat or oesophagus.

It may be connected to a minor condition – perhaps a cold – and the painful swallowing will resolve in time. There are a number of other medical conditions which may cause odynophagia.

Healthcare professional support