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Drinking with Dysphagia


Beyond feeling uncomfortable, repeatedly swallowing with dysphagia carries a genuine health risk. After diagnosis, a Speech and Language Therapist is likely to advise a change of consistency to both food and drink – to make swallowing safer.

Thickened drinks are easier to control in the mouth and move more slowly down the throat. This allows the muscles time to protect the airway. Once patients and carers are able to achieve the correct consistency – to match the dysphagia diagnosis – it is possible to enjoy favourite drinks again.

How a thickening agent like Resource® ThickenUp® Clear can help

Resource® ThickenUp® Clear is a powder designed specifically for the dietary management of patients with swallowing difficulties:

  • Rapidly thickens liquids and foods1
  • Once prepared, liquids remain clear and lump free
  • Does not change taste or smell of liquid and food
drinking stages of Dysphagia
Tailor-made feeding solutions for patients with special requirements
A specially designed range to help meet the needs of patients suffering from dysphagia or having problems swallowing.


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