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There can be a number of causes for your child feeling unwell. One of these causes could a be cows' milk protein allergy.

Is your baby suffering from signs and symptoms that could be linked to Cow's Milk Allergy (CMPA) or other food allergies?

Prepare for your next health visit, learn about common symptoms, and help your doctor make a correct diagnosis.


Has your child experienced digestive or gastrointestinal symptoms?

Has your child experienced respiratory symptoms?

Has your child experienced skin symptoms?

Has your child experienced general symptoms?

Symptoms Checker
Symptoms you reported about your child:

If you reported two or more symptoms, your child could be experiencing symptoms that may be related to Cows' Milk Allergy. Set up an appointment with your child’s doctor to discuss further.

Even if you reported only one symptom, talk with your child’s doctor to discuss any concerns you may have.

Learn more about the symptoms of CMA

SmilesBack App

Cows’ milk allergy (CMA) is a common food allergy in baby’s and young children but it is often challenging to diagnose and may take many months and doctors appointments. If you suspect that your baby might have cows’ milk allergy, you can use SmilesBack to help shorten the journey to diagnosis and help put smiles back where they belong.

SmilesBack is an easy-to-use app that has been developed with allergy experts and tested by parents. It enables you to easily record your baby’s symptoms and feeds and summarise them in a one-page, expert-designed report, to support your doctor before they make a diagnosis.


Always refer to a healthcare professional for diagnosis. Do not start to experiment with a cow's milk free diet or any specialized formula without a recommendation and guidance from a healthcare professional.