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Cows' milk allergy (CMA) affects up to ~2% of infants in the UK and reactions can be IgE-Mediated (immediate) or non-IgE-Mediated (delayed).1,2 CMA typically presents with diverse and non-specific symptoms, often making it challenging to diagnose2-5 but the majority of infants and children with CMA have >2 symtoms and symptoms from >2 organ systems. To aid your clinical assessment of CMA, use CoMiSSTM, a simple, fast and easy-to-use awareness tool for non-IgE mediated cows' milk-related symptoms.2


Up to 60% of affected infants have digestive symptoms.7


Up to 30% of affected infants have respiratory symptoms.7


Up to 70% of affected infants have skin-related symptoms.7


General symptoms typically present as a consequence of the other symptoms.


SMA® Alfamino® is a non-allergenic, nutritionally complete amino acid formula (AAF) designed to support effective symptom relief, normal growth and taste acceptance in severe cows’ milk allergies and/or multiple food allergies6-8

SMA® Alfamino® vs. Neocate LCP:

✓ Comparable efficacy6,7,‡
✓ Tastes better8
✓ Saves up to £770 per patient per year9,*

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PIP Code: 385-6416


SMA® Althera® is a hypoallergenic, nutritionally complete extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF) designed to support first-line symptom relief, normal growth and taste acceptance in the majority of infants with CMA and/or multiple food allergies11-13

SMA® Althera® vs. Nutramigen with LGG® (eHF) & Neocate LCP® (AAF)

✓ Comparable efficacy11,12,☩
✓ Tastes better13
✓ Save up to £2360 per patient per year vs. Neocate LCP®14,15
✓ Save up to £180 per patient per year vs. Nutramigen with LGG®14,15

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PIP Code: 378-7413

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mothers should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding even when their babies have cows' milk protein allergy. This usually requires qualified dietary counselling to completely exclude all sources of cows' milk protein from the mothers’ diet. If a decision to use a special formula intended for infants is taken, it is important to follow the instructions on the label. Unboiled water, unboiled bottles or incorrect dilution can make babies ill. Incorrect storage, handling, preparation and feeding can eventually lead to adverse effects on the health of babies. Formula for special medical purposes intended for infants must be used under medical supervision.

INDICATIONS: SMA® Althéra® & SMA® Alfamino® are infant food for special medical purposes for complete nutritional support from birth or supplementary feeding from 6 months and up to 3 years of age for the dietary management of CMA and/or multiple food protein allergies.
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FOOTNOTES: * Versus the leading brands only (Neocate LCP® and/or Nutramigen with LGG®). Hypoallergenicity & Growth. Symptom relief & growth; Althéra® is not recommended where only an amino acid (AAF; E.g. Severe CMA) is indicated. For complete nutritional support from birth or supplementary feeding from 6 months and up to 3 years of age.