Milestone 1

What is Milestone 1?

Plan your goals with your dietitian for a strong start!

Milestone 1 begins with a 1:1 consultation with your dedicated Milestones DM2 dietitian, where you will discuss and agree on the goals you want to achieve. Next step, download the app and you’re ready to start.

For the next 8–12 weeks you will replace your diet with three easy-to-prepare OPTIFAST® sachets per day that have adequate amounts of essential nutrients, plus 200 kcal of non-starchy vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots or salad.

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Brussel sprouts
Mung bean sprouts

You may also be required to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement, if recommended by your dietitian. Your dietitian will provide you with healthy recipe ideas to keep you inspired.

Throughout this time you will be in frequent contact with your dedicated dietitian via the app or by telephone; in this way, you can discuss your progress and achievements, plus any worries, concerns or challenges you might be facing. Your dietitian, along with your app and the information on this website, are here for you, every step of the way.

Achieve your goals after 8 weeks and proceed to Milestone 2. If not, just stick with Milestone 1 for another 4 weeks to achieve your weight-loss goal. Keep the momentum and work with your dietitian to re-focus on your goals.

What to expect?

Why am I on Milestones DM2?

Because you are committed to taking control of your weight and therefore diabetes management, as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Weight management is an integral part of diabetes care. Even a small reduction in bodyweight can have beneficial effects on your risk of developing complications associated with type 2 diabetes.

At present, you may be taking one or more types of oral medication to manage your diabetes, possibly insulin as well. While these may be helping your blood glucose level, few will be addressing one of the key drivers of your diabetes: your bodyweight. Reducing this will help to improve your overall health and wellbeing, and diabetes management. As you lose weight on the programme, your medications, including insulin, may be adjusted accordingly by your healthcare professional.

With Milestones DM2, we support you on your weight-loss journey to help improve your diabetes management using total diet replacement, with frequent, ongoing support and communication with your dedicated dietitian and diabetes specialist nurse.

Milestones DM2 is a positive step towards taking control of your weight and therefore diabetes management, helping to improve your future health.

What's on the menu?

OPTIFAST is a total diet replacement product, providing all essential nutrients for the day, developed specifically for medically supervised weight loss. Currently available as three easy-to-prepare shakes (chocolate, strawberry or vanilla), or a vegetable soup. Each OPTIFAST sachet provides approximately 200 kcal per serving.

Discover more on the OPTIFAST range, along with preparation instructions, how to order more, and a full breakdown of the nutritional information.

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Don't be too hard on yourself!

Remember there’s no quick fix to losing weight. The reality is that there will be challenges along the way – times when we return to previous eating and activity habits. What’s key, though, is to learn and put into practice the right skills so you’re ready and prepared when these challenges occur. An important part of this is to identify situations that might be 'high risk', such as eating out or a friend's birthday, and prepare a plan to deal with these situations.

Your dietitian will support you in developing techniques to make this new lifestyle an enjoyable way of life.

We all need a bit of help and direction, so you will be provided with supporting information sheets by your dietitian during the programme on various topics such as ‘how to deal with lapses’, ‘managing social situations’, ‘understanding portion sizes’ and ‘getting active’.


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The Milestones DM2 app is an integral part of the programme. It connects you to your dedicated dietitian, as well as with fitness tracking apps and devices, and allows you to monitor your progress and log your achievements along the way – day by day, week by week.

Whether at home or on the move, Milestones DM2 is with you all the way.

Download the app here for iOS and Android.