Milestone 3

What is Milestone 3?

Sustain and maintain! In this final Milestone you embrace your new diet and lifestyle and consolidate your achievements, with ongoing support, healthy eating advice and exercise tips.

What to expect?

You’ve reached Milestone 3 and are ready to build on what you’ve learnt and reintroduce healthier food options as suggested by your dietitian. By now you’re likely to have experienced some weight loss, which may be effecting changes in your blood sugar levels.

In Milestone 3 you will continue your weight-loss journey by maintaining a healthy eating and exercise plan, with ongoing support from your dietitian and diabetes specialist nurse. This Milestone is about sustaining and maintaining your new lifestyle now and into the future – take this time to reflect on how far you’ve come and understand how best to maintain your weight loss.

As with Milestones 1 and 2, throughout this time you will be in frequent contact with your dedicated dietitian via the app (iOS, Androïd) or by telephone, with whom you can discuss your progress and achievements, plus any worries, concerns or challenges you might be facing. Your dietitian will support you every step of the way, along with your app and the information provided on this website.


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